Free Workbooks

The following downloads are Adult Workbooks and a High School Curriculum written by Charles Willis over many years. More books will be added as they are written. Each PDF is downloadable, and printable, but you will be unable to edit or alter them. None of these materials may be posted on another website without permission of the author, and none may be bound and sold. May their use be to the glory of God to help souls learn the truth of God.

Binding These Materials

For the cheapest use of these materials, purchase a comb binder, combs, card stock, and clear 19 hole punched covers. We have workbooks professionally copied, and bind them ourselves. This makes the average adult workbook cost $1.20-$1.50.

The High School Curriculum is laid out in a 5.5X8.5 format, and the cover is a printed card stock (from a computer with no clear cover). To comb bind them ourselves and copy on our machine makes the average workbook cost around 40 cents.

Adult Workbooks

Bible Books



1-2 Samuel

1-2 Kings

Ezra Nehemiah

Ruth.Esther – 7 lessons


Topical Studies From Proverbs




Minor Prophets




1 Corinthians

2nd Corinthians



Philippians Colossians

Philemon, 1,2,3 John, Jude – 9 Chapters


James, Timothy, Titus – 18 chapters

1-2 Peter


Topical Studies

Biblical Descriptions of A Christian

Biblical Teaching Methods

Common Questions

Discipleship Training


Faith Of Our Fathers

Few Who Find It

Go Statements Of Christ – 11 lessons

Home Builders Guide

How To Study The Bible

Investigating The Parables

Knowing God

Profiles Of New Testament Congregations

Pure Religion – 11 lessons

Questions From The Bible

Return To Me The Joy Of Thy Salvation

Sermon on the Mount

Trusting God

Walking With God

High School Curriculum

The premise for writing these books is: we tell people to not give attention to the writing of men but the Bible, then we give our High School students a workbook with 6 pages to read as a lesson written by men. This series uses the Bible as the “lesson” to be read, and has 10 or less questions from the text for students to prepare. The curriculum is purposefully heavy on the New Testament. It is a four year curriculum, and more books are planned to be written in the next two years. We supplement this material with some purchased workbooks to cover things like evidences, false doctrines, and a few topical studies.

There is a student workbook and a teacher’s manual for each Bible book study. You are encouraged to use both. The Teacher’s manual includes all the student questions, additional teaching topics and ideas for each lesson.

Mark – Student Workbook                                   Mark – Teacher Manual

Acts – Student Workbook                                   Acts – Teacher Manual

Romans – Student Workbook                            Romans – Teacher Manual

1 Corinthians – Student Workbook                     1 Corinthians – Teacher’s Manual

Ephesians – Student Workbook                         Ephesians – Teacher Manual

Philippians – Student Workbook                         Philippians – Teachers Manual

Colossians – Student Workbook                        Colossians – Teacher Manual

1-2 Thessalonians – student workbook              1-2 Thessalonians – teacher manual

1-2 Timothy – Student Workbook                        1-2 Timothy – Teachers Manual

Hebrews – Student Workbook                            Hebrews – Teacher Manual

James and Titus – Student Workbook

1-2 Peter – Student Workbook                            1-2 Peter – Teacher Workbook

1-3 John, Jude – Student Workbook                   1-3 John, Jude – Teacher Manual

Christs Distinctive Church – 12 lessons

Honoring God – 12 lessons

Lessons From Kings – 12 Lessons

Marriage and Family

Sermon On The Mount – Student Workbook