Bible Study Helps

General Bible Study Good for general study and examination of original language references (Strong’s, Vine’s and more). Many Bible versions are available to examine concurrently. Great free materials to download for a “Bible Study Tool.” Good for viewing Strong’s, Thayer’s, Vine’s, and more. Put this on your home computer! Good general historical information. Much like an on-line Bible encyclopedia. An online Bible Encyclopedia. In print form this has been a standard work for decades, and is considered academically authoritative. Lots of archaeological information from Ferrell Jenkins, a member of the Church of Christ. Great for examining historical backgrounds of contexts, and geographical location studies. Many EXCELLENT Bible connections that help with the understanding of the Word.

Audio Bibles has different translations available including KJ and NAS. for I-Pod includes daily plans.

Bible Reading Plans very customizable reading plans. Excellent for mobile devices as well. 13 Bible reading plans with weekly e-mail reminders has several different reading plans for free a PDF download This is the 5 day schedule placed in our foyer.

Daily Devotionals (written by member of the Church of Christ) Book (for purchase) and e-mail (for free) available. Written by Gary Henry, and excellent preacher. Book (for purchase) and e-mail (for free) available. Another great resource by Gary Henry.

Traveling Information Clickable map for congregations that do not support institutions form the treasury. a world database of Churches of Christ. I believe most if not all are considered non-institutional congregations.

False Doctrines Good information about false doctrines, how to refute with truth, evidences, and more. A VERY large webstie with thousands of pages of information. Operated by Steve Rudd, a gospel preacher for a non-institutional Church of Christ in Canada.

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